Gary DiBenedetto 1948-2017
Composer, Installation Artist and  creator of Interdisciplinary Performance Works.
During the past 15 years Gary created over 30 Interdisciplinary  Performance, Multimedia Installations and Video Works  exhibited and performed in over 40 local, national and international venues. During the same period, he composed  12 compositions with over 100 performances and radio broadcasts. His electroacoustic music, derived from environmental and industrial sound sources, is  heavily influenced by Arnold Schoenberg and Karlheinz Stockhausen.
 Most of his multimedia installations consist of kinetic sound generating sculptures that reconfigure antique tools. In 2006 he won the overall prize in KAO International Kinetic Art Competition.
His most recent efforts encompass creating interdisciplinary performance works.  He received a 2016 grant from the Puffin Foundation for his new work "Exploitation". “Exploitation” is a performance piece incorporating a script, actors, dancers, kinetic sculptures and electroacoustic composition. The work will highlight the psycho-social and financial degradation of workers by contrasting capitalism with socialist theology.
DiBenedetto is the recipient of both a New Jersey State Council on the Arts  Composition Fellowship in 2002  and a  Crafts Fellowship in 2015. He received his MA in Performance and Composition from New York University.

The family of Gary DiBenedetto would like to find permanent homes for many of Gary's unique and creative sculptures. Galleries, museums, corporate and public sites or art collectors may contact Gary's family at​
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