In my early years, as a struggling musician, I worked as a carpenter. During this time, I also began collecting antiques. Both of these pursuits cultivated an affinity for craftsmanship and history. My music career evolved and culminated with three electroacoustic composition CDs and extensive international performances. Auditory experimentation, carpentry, antique collecting, and sculpture studies are reflected in my multimedia interactive installations.

The original intent of the antiques incorporated within my installations was to increase the efficiency and ease of everyday life. Foot pedals on sewing machines speeded the process of garment-making. Hand-operated clothing agitators eliminated the need for washboards. My neo-constructivist sculptures reconfigure these tools and bring them into an artistic forum.

Each of my sculptures has a moving component, powered manually or by electric motors. An optional audio processing feature brings the sound generated by these machines to life. The audio component can be made available to viewers either through headphones or speakers. As a result, the spectators are able to explore the operations of the many tools that comprise these sculptures, and, in so doing, gain an experience that will bridge an inherent past with the present day.
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